Rope & Pulley Blind

  • Protection from sun and heat
  • Side zippers create a room effect

Rope & Pulley sunblind has been on the market for decades. Available in Screen shade fabric, Canvas or Clear PVC for weather protection.

Rope & Pulley Blind is fixed at the top by an aluminum sail track, this drop blind can be manually rolled up and down using the rope and pulley.

The rope loops around a bottom bar on the left and right of the blind and are then attached to a pulley on one side.

They can be custom made to any size up to a maximum length of 5400mm with 3400mm drop.

Zips can also be added to these blinds to stop any movement down the sides and create a snug/room effect.

Its a practical solution for a sloping veranda roof or where no other systems can be used. Visit our showroom in Gardenvale / Brighton to view the Rope & Pulley Blind on display, or call 03 9595 9090 to arrange on-site consultations.

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