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Café blinds for Melbourne’s cafe culture

Café blinds, despite the name, are ideal for both homes and businesses throughout Melbourne. Retractable Awning Melbourne provides café blinds in Hampton and surrounds, which are an ideal way of providing shade and protection from the elements.

Clear or tinted, café blinds can provide varying degrees of privacy and protection from the sun’s UV rays depending on your needs. This is ideal for both homes and cafes, allowing your guests to enjoy themselves outdoors without exposure to the sun, while still letting them appreciate the view around them.

By being able to section off a part of your outdoor area with the assistance of café blinds, Hampton, Albert Park, Bentleigh, Blairgowrie, Brighton and Cheltenham residents can instantly create a separate and private entertaining or lounge area. This means you can entertain in comfort and style, without feeling like your neighbours can see everything you’re doing.

Of course, cafes also benefit greatly from our cafe blinds; blinds. Hampton cafes can create a private outdoor area that is separated from the busy road, allowing guests to dine in comfort. Melbournians love our outdoor dining, and by installing café blinds, you can ensure that your customers enjoy all the benefits of outdoor dining without the exposure to the elements or surrounding traffic.  

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